I'm a description



Over the years I have learned a wide variety of styles and flavors from some of the best

in the country however, when it comes to how I started,

think "typical Italian family".

Always by the side of my mom, grandmother, aunts AND uncles, I was anxious to learn everything they were doing and thrilled to be assigned even the smallest task.  

My joy was found in preparing and serving food, as well as,

entertaining as many people as we could fit in the house.

My matriarch and mentors were not only amazing cooks but consummate entertainers. Every detail was planned and executed to perfection with military precision.

To watch them all work together on an event was like watching an elite military force in action. They moved quickly, efficiently and could communicate with just a look or wave of a hand. My mother and aunts once went through a hundred pounds of rice

dying it to exactly match the color of bridesmaids gowns for a wedding. 

I learned it, I inherited it, and  it's in my DNA!  I wouldn't do anything else or do it any differently. Every emotion was expressed at the table.

Joy, sadness, celebrations, sorrows, gratitude, faith, anxiety, excitement.

If you felt it, we cooked it. But most importantly each and every dish was prepared with deep love, the kind you would feel when you put a fork in your mouth.

Cater to Me STILL and ALWAYS will have love be our main ingredient. 

Although my career took me in a different direction for some time I never stopped cooking or entertaining at home and would always cater on the side.

My professional travels brought me to some of the best food cities, some of the most amazing restaurants and introduced me to some of my biggest idols in the food world.

The entire time I was still a sponge; reading, watching, learning, creating, experimenting, being taught and mentored.

Until one day I made a decision to abandon my suits and briefcase for good and

follow my one true passion, food. 

Since then, I have appeared on the Rachael Ray show, auditioned by special invitation for Master Chef and made it from 350,000 contestants to the last thousand!

I have catered the Philadelphia shoot for the Rocky VI movie,  for the WWE and numerous music stars that we can't talk about.

Cater to Me PA also coordinated all the catering and craft services for Getting Grace,

the movie filmed in the Lehigh Valley the summer of 2016.

So here we are. A team of skilled, passionate, creative individuals all with one goal in mind. Giving you, an experience you can't get anywhere else and will not soon forget.

We now have over 35,000 recipes in our arsenal, so by all means, challenge us. 

We can offer you not only delicious food, but a full compliment of event services.

Come feel the love, let us share it with you because...


you DESERVE to be catered to!

Kimberly Carrodo-Pulley

Culinary Artist & Event Visionary

It all began long ago on a step stool in my mom's kitchen stirring the sauce and hand rolling cavatelli.